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gps basecamp has a growing list of gps files that you can download in GPX format. gps basecamp was designed to allow you to share your own adventures in the outdoors by uploaing gps files you have created while hiking, backpacking, fishing, biking and more. The gps basecamp downloads page brings all of the files you and other members upload in one place. All you need to do is find a file you are interested in, download it to your computer and transfer it to your gps unit. If you have gps files that might be of interest to other gps basecamp users visit our gps file upload page to share your adventure. If you don't have a file for your gps coordinates but you do have the longitude and latitude you can create a file online on the uploads page.

We also have gps files for most of the state parks and national parks. Those files can be found on each parks page along with 7 day weather forecasts, sunrise, sunset times, maps and more.

Pickett State Park, Tn

Description: Wooded trail that has 4 creek crossings fairly early on, one crossing is bridged by a sturdy log. Past the creek crossings the John Muir trail takes you through a natural tunnel through the rocks. Lots of sandstone and limestone formations. From there take the tunnel trail, to the hidden passage trail. This opens up and has some nice views of sandstone cliffs, at the end of this track you come to an overlook that has beautiful views. We were running out of daylight, so had to turn back, but maybe a mile or so further is a 0.7 mile trail that branches off and leads to some waterfalls

Directions: From the Pickett state Park visitors center tske a left, 2-3 miles down the road, on the left is a parking lot, there is no trail sign by the road. The trail starts on the opposite side of the road from parking, down a gated unused road.


Mull, Ot

Description: Coastal walk


etna monte zoccolaro, Al

Description: monte zoccolaro


BC Canada, Ot

Description: Ride


Bull Park , Co

Description: This is a fun little trail that offers some challenges and scenery very near Colorado Springs. It starts where Eagle Rock ends, so it's a good one to do after that trail. There is a stream crossing just after you start the trail, though it is usually not more than a few inches deep. The first true obstacle is just a bit past the stream crossing. You cross over some good-sized rocks, and then start up some switchbacks. After the switchbacks, you get to the top of a ridge where the views are fabulous. Then you work your way down the other side of the ridge where you find the next obstacle. The second obstacle is a hard, tight switchback that you descend, working your way down some rocks. After you are down the ridge you will be in Bull Park, a wide open area. You can also see the end of the trail where there are very big rocks that look like piles of pancakes. To finish the trail, return the way you came in.

Directions: From Denver take I25 south through Colorado Springs to take the Circle Drive exit at the south end of town exit 138 Circle Drive becomes Lake Avenue as you follow it west, The road ends at the Broadmoor Hotel and a traffic circle, Follow the circle around to take a left turn and follow the road around to the left 'south' side of the hotel, The road will then turn into Old Stage Road as you head west into the mountains, Continue on Old Stage Road until it turns into Gold Camp Road, Turn right on forest service road 376 to find the trailhead on the left a few miles down the road,


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