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Most significant one yet in the effort to restore the Everglades?
Officials from Washington, Tallahassee and South Florida descended upon the Tamiami Trail last Friday for the groundbreaking of a project being called the most significant one yet in the effort to restore the Everglades.

Dressed smartly in a suit, bolo tie and Everglades ball cap, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar was among those who shoveled the ceremonial first scoops of dirt for the $81 million, three-year project that officials expect will increase water flow by 92 percent from north of the Tamiami Trail, also called U.S. 41, into Everglades National Park.

The project, featuring the construction of a one-mile bridge just west of the intersection of the Tamiami Trail and Krome Avenue and the reinforcement of another 10 miles of roadway, has been on the drawing board for 20 years.

It is designed to alleviate problems caused by the east-west highway, which acts as a giant dam, keeping northern Glades water out of the Shark River and Taylor sloughs, and thereby disrupting the River of Grass' historic flow from Lake Okeechobee south to the Gulf of Mexico and Florida Bay.
Yellowstone to open for snow travel
After weekend snows in Yellowstone National Park the National Park Service will open the park to snow travel this week.
Congress OKs guns in national parks
A hgue defeat for gun-control advocates - congress votes to allow people to carry loaded guns in national parks and wildlife refuges.

The House approved the measure, 279-147 (105 Democrats), on Wednesday, one day after the Senate acted.

A total of 105 Democrats in the House joined 174 Republicans in supporting the gun measure. The measure, which is included in a bill imposing new restrictions on credit card companies, allows licensed gun owners to bring firearms into national parks and wildlife refuges as long as they are allowed by state law.

President Obama is expected to sign the bill into law because it is about primarily credit card reform.
Glacier Computer W200 wrist computer
Okay, this probably isn't the type of thing most backpackers aren't going to want to carry, unless they are true geeks, but it is kind of cool.

Glacier Computer just announced their new wrist computer. It has it all, wi-fi, GPS, a backlit keyboard and touch screen. It will run either Linux or Windows CE. It even has a motion sensor and an electronic compass.

It's made of magnesium alloy for strength and weight reduction, it weighs 10.7 ounces.

You can see the W200 on the Glacier Computer website.
Lowrance announces new handheld GPS units
Lowrance announced it's new handheld GPS units, the Sierra, Safari and Outback. It features a touch-screen operation, an adavnaced compass and barometric altimeter. The Safari comes preloaded with sophisticated base map and supports downloadable maps as well as micro-SD cards. The preloaded maps include detailed hill shading and topographic contours. The Safari also has the ability to store voice notes as well as a picture and movie viewer.

The Outback is a more basic unit with best in class pre-loaded and aftermarket map content. It has a low entry level price point just short of $300.

The Sierra provides never before seen expansion capabilities. It comes with 4GB of built-in storage and supports micro-SD cards up to 32GB. The included maps on the Sierra feature hi-res topo maps as well as an extensive outdoor trail network. The Sierra also features the NAVTEQ road network.

The retail prices are $299 for the Outback, $385 for the Safari and $549 for the Sierra.
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