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Grand Teton NP gets large donation
Grand Teton National Park is getting a little bigger with the donation of over 1,100 acres. The donation of the land and a visitor center was made by the Rockefeller family. This is one of the most valuable donations in the park service history.
Kids - You can have some fun.....
Join the National Park Service WebRangers. Just got to the NPS webrangers website to sign up. If you love the parks, are into the outdoors or dinosaurs, Native Americans, etc you can have fun being a webranger. You can earn certificates and a web rangers passport.

You can also watch web cams from some of the national parks.

This site is a lot of fun!!!
Planning a family hiking vacation
Helium has a great article about taking the whole family hiking. It can be important when taking children to have a goal or a destination. Just a scenic trail to hike on is not going to work well with many children.

Make sure you plan for the abilities of the children. Younger children won't be able to do as much as you and older children may leave you in the dust.

Camping? This can be great fun for children if you plan it right and take the right things. Make sure to take marshmallows.

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Conservationists, developer reach major land deal in California
A group of environmentalists and the owners of a large stretch of wilderness have reached a deal that would set aside the largest parcel of land for conservation in California history.

After years of legal tussles, conservationists including the Sierra Club have agreed not to challenge proposed development on the sprawling Tejon Ranch north of Los Angeles in exchange for close to 240,000 acres, in a deal to be announced Thursday.

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Kempthorne proposes to ease ban on guns in national parks
Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne proposed new regulations Wednesday that would allow people to carry a concealed weapon in some national parks and wildlife refuges.

The new rules would allow someone to carry a loaded weapon in a park or wildlife refuge only if the person has a permit for a concealed weapon and the state where the park or refuge is located allows guns in parks, Kempthorne said.

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